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The Campaign for Park Avenue Foundation

Members of the Park Avenue Club have come to expect the best in service, dining, business networking and event experiences. Those expectations are what the leadership of the Club remains committed to.

With over 1,000 members, the Club is now responding to the needs of our families and corporate members by enhancing the facilities while remaining steadfast to the Club’s mission of offering philanthropic support to the ten nonprofits of the Park Avenue Foundation.

Following strategic planning meetings as well as a feasibility study, the Park Avenue Club Board and Park Avenue Foundation Board have undertaken a $3.5 million Capital Campaign to address the needs of our family and business members, while providing increased contributions to the Park Avenue Foundation.

The Campaign for Park Avenue Foundation is underway in response to our members' ideas and concerns and is intended to fulfill the founding mission of our Club and to provide our members the 5 star experience they've come to know and expect.


Charity's Grill Room

Park Avenue Club will offer:
  • Member only Dining Room with Outdoor Patio
  • Member Bar
  • Decor Updates
  • Restrooms on the Main Floor
  • Corporate Meeting Technology Upgrade
  • Separate and Permanent Function Space and Patio
  • Separate Event Lobby
  • Banquet Kitchen
  • Bridal Suite
  • Service Corridor
  • Mechanical Room and Storage Room

New Patio


We welcome the opportunity to speak with our members about the Campaign for Park Avenue and invite our community to invest in Park Avenue Club today by making a tax deductible pledge/gift to the Park Avenue Foundation. Naming Opportunities are available. To have a confidential conversation about participating in this historic endeavor, please call or email Gregory Smith, Executive Director at: 973-301-8233 or gsmith@parkavenueclub.com (or) Wendy Tait, Managing Director at: 973-301-8233 or wtait@parkavenueclub.com.

To make a gift or pledge online, please fill out the form provided below.

On behalf of Park Avenue Club and Park Avenue Foundation, thank you!

Yes, I/we want to help secure Park Avenue Club’s future while ensuring its ability to support ten charities and cultural organizations in New Jersey for years to come.
to the Park Avenue
Foundation in support of The Campaign for Park Avenue Foundation.  This pledge will be funded as follows:
is enclosed.

Thank you for your support of Park Avenue Club
& the Park Avenue Foundation!

Park Avenue Foundation
184 Park Avenue, Florham Park, New Jersey 07932
Phone: 973-301-8233

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