Guest Information

Park Avenue Club prides itself on being a premier private club and destination for fine dining, social events, and corporate events. 

Park Avenue Club Dress Code

Appropriate attire is required at all times throughout the Club. Jackets are not required but are preferred on the main level of the Club. Dark jeans are permitted at all times, however must be free of holes, tears and fraying. Sneakers, shorts, tee shirts and “flip flops” are strictly prohibited, unless advertised by Management for a special event.

  • Appropriate business attire is required at all times throughout the entire Club.
  • Jackets are requested on Friday and Saturday evenings on the Main Level of the Club.
  • Sneakers, shorts, and tee shirts are not permitted unless otherwise noted for a casual special event.

Other Policies

  • Cell phone conversations and laptops are prohibited in all areas of the Club except in Charity’s, private rooms, hallways or parking lot. We encourage use of technology in Charity’s. Conversations on cell phones are requested to be respectful of other Members/patrons using shared space.
  • Park Avenue Club is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is banned within the clubhouse and within 25 feet of the clubhouse and patio dining areas.

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