A unique and historical property with a rich history of giving back to its community. Our history is all about a Spirit of Giving.

In 1894, a local order of Nuns known as The Sisters of Charity, from St. Elizabeth’s, built a large dairy barn where for many years they and their students helped their community through donations to the needy. As the years passed, the old barn was abandoned and destined for demolition.

Fortunately, several prominent individuals in the area united with 600 businesses and 2,500 caring individuals to miraculously transform the dilapidated structure and establish Park Avenue Club on September 24th, 1994. The historic barn now stands with its original brick and slate edifice, where it continues to honor its original mission to celebrate “giving back”.

Our innovative partnership with the non-profit world has been in full swing since 1994, thanks to our members and their generous support. Simply by dining with us or hosting their event here, they have helped to change countless lives for the better.

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