Whether you're looking for relaxation or excitement, we've got the place for you and your family to lounge and dine with the best dishes you can imagine.

“It is so rewarding to use and enjoy a Club that supports non-profits as part of its core mission.”
     — Helen Le Frois, JBWS

“It’s a point of pride to bring family, friends, and clients to the Club. Between the food quality and variety, outstanding service, and numerous options for meeting spaces, it’s my go-to.”
     — Paul Boudreau

“I always feel at home at the Park Avenue Club because of the attention to detail and personal service - They know my cocktail before I even order it.”
     — Nat Hines

“Through PAC reciprocal clubs I’ve been able to treat clients to some of the most beautiful golf courses – whether I’m at home or away.”
     — Vince Egan

“As one of the charter members of Park Avenue Club, our firm has enjoyed the excellent food and friendly service in most beautiful facility.”
     — Ed Ahart

“…charm, romantic, intimate and warm….food is AMAZING and the people working at the club are even better…”
     — Desiree Adams

“…a wonderful combination of nostalgia, excellent food, bar service…The staff is gracious, accommodating and very easy to work with….an association with local philanthropic connections. A double win.”
     — Brad Noe

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